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Welcome to our articles section, where you can find a wealth of knowledge on market research, data analysis, and insights generation. Our team of experts has put together a diverse range of articles that cover everything from the basics of market research to the latest trends and best practices in the industry.

Bridging The Agricultural Data Gap: Estimating Cultivated Lands Using  Satellite based Land Cover Classification
Executive summary The ability to accurately monitor and assess agricultural activities in Sudan is of paramount importance for planning and implementing interventions related to food security and strengthening food system…
Markets Explored: An Introduction into Tanzania’s Business Landscape
Summary: In this market brief we turn our focus to Tanzania, a promising destination for entrepreneurs and business owners. Tanzania, a rapidly emerging economy in East Africa, presents a wealth…
Markets Explored: An Introduction into UAE’s Business Landscape
Summary: The second market we are exploring in this series is the UAE. The UAE is one of the world’s fastest growing economies with various attractive benefits for business owners…
Markets Explored: An Introduction into Egypt’s Business Landscape
Summary: Egypt, boasting a strong economy with a GDP of $475 billion in 2022, holds immense potential for business growth. With a stable growth rate of around 4-5% since 2016…
Data-Driven Retail: Predicting Demand With Advanced Analytics
The use of advanced analytics in retail could transform the retail industry in Sudan, resulting in better inventory management, higher customer satisfaction, and higher liquidity ratios. Imagine being…
Data Quality Assurance: The Key to Confident Business Decisions
Data quality assurance and control is a critical aspect of any research project, particularly in the field of market research. It involves employing a range of tools and techniques to…
The Key Players In Sudan’s Agricultural Inputs Market
Introduction The agriculture sector in Sudan is a vital contributor to the country's economy and directly affects the livelihoods of a large portion of the population. In partnership with AmunData…

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