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Markets Explored: An Introduction into Tanzania’s Business Landscape


In this market brief we turn our focus to Tanzania, a promising destination for entrepreneurs and business owners. Tanzania, a rapidly emerging economy in East Africa, presents a wealth of opportunities thanks to its diverse natural resources, strategic regional positioning, and sustained economic growth and political stability. In 2020, the World Bank upgraded Tanzania from a low to a lower-middle income country as a result of sustained macroeconomic stability. Tanzania is ranked 5th in Sub-Saharan Africa for ease of doing business. This makes Tanzania a promising destination to investors and entrepreneurs.

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This publication is part of our regular Markets Explored series that is sponsored by DataQ to support Sudanese entrepreneurs and investors looking to expand or move to other markets. If you are contemplating the growth of your business or exploring fresh opportunities, this series is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge to make your next move with utmost efficiency.

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