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Salary Assessment Result

Salary percentile


Frequently asked Questions:

  1. Go to the survey area with the grey background.
  2. Choose your preferred language at the top of the survey.
  3. Enter the ID number below highlighted in light blue.
  4. Fill and submit the survey, which is made of 5 sections; Purpose and consent, Job details, Employee details, Employer details and Cash compensation details.
  5. After you submit, press the Get Assessment button.
  6. View your Results.

DataQ values your data privacy and protection. Your data will only be used for research purposes only. Personally identifiable information such as; gender, age and company name are optional and will not be published. We will use this data to inform HR departments in different companies of the salary ranges in the job market. If you are an HR professional click here to find out more about our salary surveys.

After you fill in the survey, we will compare you with professionals in the same job family as you and who are in the same job level. We will also only compare you to employees working in organizations with a similar number of staff as your own.


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