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At DataQ Forum’s fourth edition, we delved into the world of artificial intelligence from multiple perspectives. Our expert speakers shared their insights and knowledge on the latest AI tools and use cases. Watch Full Fourm!

In the first session, Shyma Uthman, Data Scientest and Founder of Intelligent Pattern, explored the nature and importance of AI, focusing on object detection in the industrial sector with real-life examples.

The second session, presented by Enigma AI Co-founder Mohamed Abdulrahman, showcased the latest AI conversational tools and their applications.

In the third session, Sara Siddig, PhD, assistant professor at University of Khartoum, discussed natural language processing and its potential to increase supply chain effectiveness.

Wrapping up the forum was a fascinating session by our researcher Aasim Khalid, who shared how artificial intelligence can be used to develop predictive models and anticipate changes in prices and demand for consumer goods like fruits and vegetables.

Thank you to all the attendees and participants who made the fourth edition of DataQ Forum a huge success. Join our mailing list to stay informed on our next exciting event..


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