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The Key Players In Sudan’s Agricultural Inputs Market


The agriculture sector in Sudan is a vital contributor to the country’s economy and directly affects the livelihoods of a large portion of the population. In partnership with AmunData we conducted a survey of 308 farmers in seven states. Our Survey revealed that the majority of farmers obtain inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides from the local or central market, while a smaller proportion obtains them directly from companies.  CTC, Al-Arabiya, Mahjoub Sons Group, El-Doma, and Sinnar Agriculture Company are among the companies functioning in the Sudanese agricultural industry, each of which provides a variety of products and services to farmers in the country.

Type of Sources

The Study showed that 38% of farmers sourced their inputs from the local market, while 23% obtained them from the central market. A smaller proportion 23% of farmers obtained their inputs directly from companies. About 5% of farmers received inputs from the Agricultural Bank, and the remaining 23% obtained them from schemes and other sources.

The Key Players

The Sudanese agricultural supplies market is home to several key players, including Central Trading Company (CTC), which holds a dominant 38% share of the market. CTC is a leading producer of fertilizers and pesticides in Sudan which specializes in agro-technology. Al-Arabiya is another major player, with a 13% share of the market. Al-Arabiya is known for its high-quality seeds and fertilizers, as well as its strong relationships with farmers. In addition, Mahjoub Sons Group, El-Doma, and Sinnar Agriculture Company each hold a 7%, 7%, and 4% share of the market, respectively. These companies provide a range of inputs, including seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides, to farmers in the Sudanese agriculture industry. The remaining 42% of the market is made up of smaller companies that offer a variety of products and services to farmers.

The main key players' shares

More about the Study

In partnership with AmunData we offer a mixture of research products and services to agribusinesses. In order to provide high quality research products, we uses a mix of traditional and innovative research methods. Our agricultural reports aim to lay the ground for less risky investments in the Agricultural sector. Find out more about our agricultural products and service by joining our mailing list below:

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