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Bridging The Agricultural Data Gap: Estimating Cultivated Lands Using  Satellite based Land Cover Classification

Executive summary The ability to accurately monitor and assess agricultural activities in Sudan is of paramount importance for planning and implementing interventions related to food security and strengthening food system resilience. While anecdotal reports suggest a significant reduction in the cultivated agricultural land in the current season compared to previous years, there is a significant…

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Markets Explored: An Introduction into Tanzania’s Business Landscape

Summary: In this market brief we turn our focus to Tanzania, a promising destination for entrepreneurs and business owners. Tanzania, a rapidly emerging economy in East Africa, presents a wealth of opportunities thanks to its diverse natural resources, strategic regional positioning, and sustained economic growth and political stability. In 2020, the World Bank upgraded Tanzania…

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Markets Explored: An Introduction into Egypt’s Business Landscape

Summary: Egypt, boasting a strong economy with a GDP of $475 billion in 2022, holds immense potential for business growth. With a stable growth rate of around 4-5% since 2016 and a population exceeding 100 million, the country offers an attractive consumer base to tap into. Additionally, its cost-effective business structure, competitive business expenses, and…

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Kimironko, Gasabo, Kigali, Rwanda

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