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Introducing Raheem

Welcoming Our First Blogger!

Around two weeks ago we made a post on our LinkedIn page calling for data enthusiasts to join us as bloggers! (shout out to our Marketing Team)

We did this in an effort to increase engagement and to open up a new channel for knowledge sharing.

At Dataq we believe in knowledge sharing in all it’s forms and we are committed to opening up communication channels along every step of our progrss, but enough about us, this blog post is about introducing Raheem,

I’ve graduated from faculty of mathematical science with major in Statistics and Computer science. I’m passionate about using data in solving real life problems and creating value in people’s lives. I’m currently working with Go digital services as a Customer Experience Executive with focus on performance and analytics

AbdelRaheem Mokhtar

You can find out a bit more about AbdelRaheem on his socials:

And From now on you can also follow up on his writings on our website. So join me in welcoming our first blogger, and visit us regularly to check out his writings! (and to boost our SEO)

I believe that it’s our responsibility as data enthusiasts to create content that shows how important data is and how different businesses can benefit from it.

AbdelRaheem Mokhtar

In his cover letter he also said a bunch of things about how Dataq is the one of the top 5 tech companies in the world right now, but no need to mention that…


The door is always open for data enthusiast to contribute to our content, and if you want to be part of journey just send us an email at with you CV and a small cover letter of why you want to join us as a blogger.

You can also help us direct our efforts by giving us feedback whether directly ( or by using the comments sections in this blog or on our social media pages.

PS: Abdleraheem was one of our #Dataq_challenge winners!

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